Hi! I’m Prue Mynard. I’m a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist and I love cooking and preparing varied, tasty, nutritious, home cooked meals for my family and friends.IMG_1034.jpg

I am a wife to Aaron and a mother of 3 little ratbags, Mark (5.5) and Claire (4) and their not so baby sister, Elise (now 1!!). The kids love to help me (hinder me) in the kitchen, which is great. I love that they are interested in learning and creating meals, even if it is just to eat the flour straight out of the bowl!img_5234-e1494823628227.jpg

The inspiration behind my blog is my dream to one day write a cookbook to help educate others as to how easy it is to create wholesome, balanced meals for the whole family, that are tasty and you don’t need to be a culinary superstar.

I love food, all food, and I believe that food is all about balance and the need for a good relationship with food is paramount. There are no good or bad foods there are only foods that you should eat more or less than others. I have a sweet tooth and have a soft spot for cake, desserts, slices and there are few days where I don’t have something to satisfy that sweet craving (yes! the Dietitian eats cake!)


I also love running and have run marathons previously, so the need for food as fuels was well and truly highlighted during my training for these events. I see how hungry little kids can get when they are running around, burning off energy, so being able to create nutritious, tasty food that fills and nourishes their little bodies makes me happy.

My cooking is often ‘free styling’, as my husband would say – I look at recipes and essentially create my own compilation of several different recipes. This means that every time I make something it tastes slightly different. So for me to actually quantify recipes to write them down is challenging.


Growing our own vegetables is something that I love as well. It’s so great to be able to plant the tiny seeds and watch them grow and be able to make them into meals for everyone to enjoy. The kids get great enjoyment out of this as well and it teaches them where fruit and veggies come from.


I hope that this blog can help to provide some variety to your meals, some inspiration and a passion for food that you didn’t know you had.

Prue xx.